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Background Elijah Returns

At the first advent, Elijah came as (John the Baptist) moving in the spirit of Elijah, as Christ’s forerunner and messenger. Luke 1:17

But John wasn’t like what the religious Rulers and Scribes had expected Elijah to be like. He just didn’t fit their religious profile so they rejected him. Matthew 11:18

In their religious pride and prejudice, they didn’t accept Him as the prophet predicted to be ‘the voice of one crying in the wilderness to introduce the long-awaited Messiah. Isaiah 40:3-6

Now the second coming of the Lord Jesus is imminent. This is the big question. Is Bible history and prophecy repeating itself among the most unlikely of people and of places?
John 1:46

Below is a video overview: The Gospel according to Mark. Look out for John’s fulfilment of Malachi’s prophecy at Jesus first advent.

Gospel of Mark Summary: A Complete Animated Overview

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