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The Living Testimony of Jesus Revealed Soon

The Elijah Anointing
Should we be looking for another Elijah, to appear now before the Second Coming of Christ? We are talking about one similar to John the Baptist at Christ’s first Advent over 2000 years ago. Why must a Elijah type prophet return before the end of the age?

The Return of Elijah

Elijah returns - The living testimony of Jesus revealed soon

Some Bible scholars and experts in Christian Eschatology say that John the Baptist fulfilled this prophecy. There is another school of thought, which states that it will be the Elijah anointing that will be the catalyst to a great revival among God’s faithful remnant in Christian church that will usher in the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Whatever the dominant Christian eschatology and belief system may be, there remains one question. Did John the Baptist fulfill all the Malachi 4:5-6 prophecy or are we to expect another just like Elijah and John the Baptist before Christ’s returns, to herald the glorious return of Jesus as Sovereign King over the whole earth?

Below is a video overview of the Old Testament Book Malachi. View now and listen out for the prophecy of the coming of the promised prophet like Moses and Elijah:

Book of Malachi Summary: A Complete Animated Overview

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